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Public Worship

Moving forward together

On 19th July we reached step 4 of the Government’s roadmap. This step removes all legal restrictions on social contact and places greater responsibility on individuals and organisations to make local decisions regarding the continued wearing of masks and social contact with others. Even with these permissions, many organisations are, in coming weeks, still asking people to wear face masks and whilst reducing social distancing are still providing for its continuance in some form to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable.  We know that many of the restrictions we undertake are not for our own benefit but for the benefit of others.

These decisions will be reviewed later in August, or sooner if needed, for the start of September.

  • Those who use the track & trace app will be encouraged to continue to check in, but we will no longer require everyone to sign in and book for services.
  • We strongly advise that people continue to wear face masks for worship.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will continue to be available and their use encouraged.
  • Doors will continue to be left open to improve ventilation.
  • After Sunday 25th July, we will invite people to choose their own seats, but advise leaving two seats space between different groups who are seated on the same row. The gaps between rows will be reduced. Strict socially distanced seating will be retained in the café area and balcony should that prove necessary.
  • We will slowly introduce limited congregational singing, whilst asking people to remain masked to sing. For July 25th, the congregation will be able to sing the final hymn, leaving the choir to sing any other music.
  • We will not, at this point, be making any changes to how we currently share the peace.
  • The priest will continue to hand sanitise and wear a face covering when distributing communion.
  • We will continue following a one-way system for communion and moving around church.
  • We will retain only taking communion in one kind until we can return to the common cup safely.
  • The collection will remain as a basket placed near the north door
  • The live streaming of services will be continued in the short term.
  • We will hope to return to refreshments after services and on Saturdays, no later than the beginning of September.
  • Any church groups seeking to resume meeting in church ahead of September need to speak with the vicar and wardens for advice on risk assessing the activity.

Other opening times are:

  • Sunday Eucharist 10.15am
  • Wednesday Mass 9.30am
  • Private prayer and lighting of candles continues on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10.00-11.30am
  • Lunch with Us (takeaway service) continues on Wednesdays between 12.00-1.00pm

Services are additionally live-streamed on our Parish Facebook page if you can’t be present. Why not join in with the service whilst you are watching it? Just download a copy of the service sheet and join in! The Sunday service sheets are added to the website each week and can be found in the News section.

Unable to watch the service live? All the videos remain on our Facebook page so you can watch them at any time.

For information relating to weddings, funerals and baptisms, please visit the relevant page or contact the parish office on 01977 790448 or email

If you need to contact a priest please ring or email:  

Canon June Lawson 01977 706803 or

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Thinking of visiting St Giles’ Church for the first time? In normal times, we are an open, welcoming and inclusive church and we encourage you to come along and visit our lively and growing congregation in Pontefract.

Under normal circumstances, we hold services at different times throughout the week, so please do come along for a very warm welcome to our family here at the church. Information on our Service times can be found here 

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